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 ~~ Rules And Regulation

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Shajeer Sign(SLA)

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PostSubject: ~~ Rules And Regulation    Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:26 am

1. Spam ~ Spam is no longer allowed in this forum. A member that spams will be warned if it is done more then 4 times they are banned! If a topic has spam the post will be deleted and marked as spam. The more times you spam, more of a chance you will get banned. Also from now on no more one letter posts, because they are useless, you will be warned if done.

2. Respect ~ Not only does the staff members get most respect, so do the members, treat everyone how you would like to be treated. Try avoiding to swear, ONLY if you really, really need to. Maybe disrespecting someone maybe was an accident not on purpose.

3. Double Posting ~ It is another form of spam. Try avoiding to double post unless seperated by 24 hours. It would be better to just edit the current post you posted before instead of posting again and wasting time, editing is best so put Edit: then post what you needed to.

4. Several Accounts: ~ Each user or member should only have one account. If you have more it will be deleted and you will be warned. Don't even bother trying to trick staff that you only have one account when you have more.

5. Plagiarism ~ This is strictly forbidden, not only is it mean it is disrespect to the people who created the site and did all the work while you copy off other peoples ideas. If you are caught copying ideas from this site you may get a chance of being banned for 3 days and maybe if the staff is in a nice mood they might just strictly warn you not to do it again. If done again you are permantly banned.

6. Sharing Accounts ~ This is also forbidden, no one is allowed to share accounts. If you are caught sharing any account with anyone you will be warned very seriously. Account sharing is unfair to others. If someone is a member and the other is a Moderator it wouldn't be fair to the member that the person is sharing accounts when others cannot shre accounts.

7. Signatures ~ I know why you are wondering "Why are signtures in here?" well I will tell you. I do not want fake signatures in your signature because it is a bad thing. If you are caught having one you will be warned. Avoid having fake sigs. Also no links in your signatures, I allow you to have signatures but I cannot be fake or has links in it.

8. Warnings and Bans ~ I know why this is in here and you shouls know, you will get warnings alot if you makes mistakes or break the rules, if it's a really big mistake or you did it on purpose you will be Banned Automatically.
No Warnings ~
One Warning ~
Two Warnings ~
Last Warning ~

9. Chatbox ~ The chatbox is only for chatting with other members, no advertising your site or asking for someone to do it for you. If you advertise you will be warned, please do not spam, troll or flame etc on the chatbox to others especially staff members, if staff are mad they will kick you or even ban you from the chatbox. Avoid putting offensive or rude pictures up, that is very rude to the person. If you are typing do not use font colors that cannot be seen or read, dark colors would be easy to read but light colors would be hard to read.
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~~ Rules And Regulation
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